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A. M. Cassandre was born January 24 1901 in Kharkov, Ukraine, and died 17 June 1968 in Paris. A poster artist, set designer, painter, type designer and teacher, Cassandre signed a contract with Harper Bazaar magazine in New York in 1936, co-founded the Aliance Graphique International in 1948 and designed the Yves Saint-Laurent logo in 1963. BUSY MAN! Today, Cassandre is perhaps most well recognised by the posters he created for the aperitif Dubonnet. The entire message of the campaign is conveyed by a simple play on words, highlighting parts of the brand name in progression, which is then reflected in the accompanying image. The first vignette ‘DUBO’ when pronounced aloud is ‘du beau’, something beautiful. The little character is gazing at the glass of Dubonnet, highlighted only in the face and arm carrying the glass. The second vignette, ‘DUBON’ (du bonne - something good), sees the character is now tasting his drink, the colour reaching his stomach. Finally, the full brand name DUBONNET is revealed, the now complete fellow helping himself to a second serving. This series first appeared in 1927 and has continued to be seen in store displays, posters, ads, billboards, menus, ashtrays, key rings etc etc etc. 

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